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Welcome to the Frugal Law Student

Greetings. I am the Frugal Law Student. I’m a 1L at law school somewhere in the Midwest. I plan on using this blog to record what I’m doing to make ends meet in law school.
Like many law students, I’m already saddled with a couple grand in undergrad student loans and I’ve had to take out more for law school. My goal is to mitigate as much as I can any more debt through sound financial principles. I’ll post time to time on what’s worked for me in order to save a buck or two.
Today, my wife and I ran a report on Microsoft Money. It made me want to cry. We’ve been living it up a bit too much with our dinning out. We’ve spent almost $25 a week. Yikes! We’ve resolved to cut back on that. Maybe instead of dropping $25 at Chili’s once a week, we’ll drop $10 at Sonic. Besides, Sonic drinks are tasty.