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Your internship went to some guy in India

American corporations have already outsourced most of our manufacturing jobs. Now, according to an article on, pressure to outsource white collar jobs is increasing. This is scary. I’ve read that many hospitals are already outsourcing jobs like x-ray analysis and blood tests to companies in India. With the Internet, all a hospital has to do is e-mail the data, some workers on the other side of the world look at the data (for half the price of an American lab technician), and they send the report back so it’s ready the next day.

This could easily be done with legal research jobs. Because of Westlaw and Lexis, a big firm could easily assign memos to an outsourcing firm in India. The workers get online, pull the research, bust out a memo, and e-mail it back to the firm. All for less then half the price an American intern would be paid doing the same thing.

Of course, the problem with outsourcing is the quality of work would probably decrease. You would need to hire people in India who were educated in the American Legal system. Of course they could get a “top quality legal education with the convenience and power of the Internet,” at Concord University.

Damn good for nothing Michael Friedman Flat World.