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Deferring my student loan

This summer I consolidated my student loans with Nelnet in order to lock in on that 4.25% interest rate. For some reason, though, Nelnet did not defer my subsidized loans on account of me being in law school. I didn’t find this out until last week when I got a letter saying my first payment was due at the end of the month.

So, I have to fill out this form and provide proof that I’m really in school to get my loans deferred. I still have to pay my unsubsidized loans. That should shave off $70 in my monthly payment. I can then take that $70 and add it to my wife’s student loans. If we did that, over the next three years we would be able to pay off $9,576 of my wife’s $30,000 loan debt. Man… that doesn’t seem like much.