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Young and Broke

Young and Broke is written by a “[A] recently married 20-something Chicagoan working in financial services/software development, with two MBA parents (and on a journey to an MBA myself).”

Amanda has several great posts on money management for college students. She recently started a series called “Frugal Friday,” in which she posts several quick tips on being frugal. Here’s a sampling of some of the tips she provides:

-Eat less meat. Josh hates this, but it’s not only healthier, it saves money. Make recipes with beans, cheese, lentils, tofu, etc. for protein. It doesn’t bother me because I actually love veggies!

– Get your haircut/massages/pedicures at beauty schools/massage therapy clinics from students. You get the nearly professional quality for a steep discount. If you have a pretty simple hairdo, you can’t go wrong. And who ever heard of a BAD backrub?

Those tips earn Young and Broke a spot on The Frugal Law Student’s Link list as well as his Bloglines feed. Go by and visit Amanda’s site.