Law School
Personal Finance

Weekly Report

  1. Opened an ING Direct account. The interest rate is 4.4%. Plus, they gave me $25 just for opening the account. If you would like a referral, feel free to e-mail me at
  2. Opened a Sharebuilder Account. If you set up a monthly investment plan, it only costs $4 for each buy. I also got a $50 sing up bonus using one of the several promotion codes listed at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.
  3. Using Envelope System. The envelope system is amazing. We’ve gone down from spending $400 a month on groceries and cosmetics for Mrs. FLS to $250. Knowing you only have the amount of money in the envelope to spend definitely curtails spending.
  4. Dinner Party Redux. The last time Mrs. FLS and I had people over for dinner it was costly both in time and money. We learned from our mistakes and opted for a cheap and simple Thai Pai meal. Our guests brought over egg rolls and desert.
  5. Added a new banner. I created it without spending a dime. I used an open source photoshop program called Gimp and downloaded the picture of the scale from a free stock photo site.