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Young and In Debt

USAToday is running a series called Young and In Debt.” They will be following six twenty-somethings for the next six weeks as they battle their crippling debt. Each week USAToday will be writing about how these young people handle different financial situations such as paying off student debt, paying for health care, and affording housing.

In their article, USAToday mentioned some interesting statistics. Overall, the amount of young people battling debt has gone down; however, the amount of debt of those who have debt has increased dramatically.

Most of the people that USA is following seem to have genuine problems with student debt. One young woman is facing a debt burden of $165,000 after graduating college. However, I have no sympathy for Tolu Adeleye. He graduated college with no debt, but ran up his credit cards after visiting 22 countries in two years. You blew it dude. Don’t whine because you’re in debt. It’s your own damn fault.

I’m looking forward reading these articles in the next few weeks. Be sure to stop by and read my synopsis of each one.