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Eating Frugally vs. Eating Healthy

Well here is my first guest post on the hubbie’s blog. I will be pitch hitting for Mr. FLS as he pours over his scintillating law flash cards.

The first topic I’d like to address is the tension I am beginning to deal with between eating healthy and eating frugally. These two things are unfortunately often mutually exclusive. Mrs. FLS and I have been trying to cut back on grocery costs. But this often means cutting back on good for you food. What items are the cheapest at the store? You can get Jiffy muffin mixes for 3 for 85 cents, ramen noodles for 10 cents each, a box of hamburger helper for under 2 bucks. What a steal right? However these items are no bargain when it comes to your health-they lack nutritional value and/or are infused with enough sodium and MSG to preserve a mummy. Then on the other hand, the fresh foods, the foods made without artificial colors and flavors, the delicious meats, and the whole grain foods are much more pricey. And organic foods are completely out of reach. What’s a frugal shopper to do?

I once read an article that predicted that America’s eating habits will become more stratified along class lines as time goes on. The middle and upper classes will be eating the better, and entirely organic foods, while the poor will be stuck with the cheap, processed foods. This process has already begun of course, as the well off shop at Whole Foods and follow the South Beach Diet, while at the same time many take note of America’s uniquely overweight homeless population. The homeless get the deals off the 99 cent fast food menu and pay the price in their health.

Mr. FLS and I want to save money and stay fit. We like to work out and lift weights and we need cheap protein and wholesome food sources to feed our muscles that won’t break the bank. Any advice dear readers?