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Save Money Preparing for the LSAT: Part II

This is Part II on how to save money on the LSAT. (Read Part I.)

  1. Get old official LSAT’s. The best way to practice for the LSAT is use old tests. You can buy these used on eBay,, or LSAC puts out books with 10 actual tests in them. I think right now they have three of these books that have tests from 1996-2003. For the more recent tests, you’ll have to buy them separately. They cost $8.00 on the LSAC page, but you can find them on eBay for less than $2.00. If you do some good bargain hunting, you can probably buy all the tests for under $50. (See sidebar for deals from
  2. Get test prep books. Like I said earlier, the LSAT is learnable test. There are no tricks or shortcuts, but you can learn how to beat it with a good system. Don’t waste your time with Kaplan or Princeton Review. Like I said, their systems aren’t very good. The best prep books out there are the LSAT Bibles put out by Powerscore. The Logic Game Bible is amazing. They break down the games into types and tell you how to approach them systematically. The Logical Reasoning Bible is great, too. The break down the different types of logical reasoning questions and how to go about answering each kind. They also have great practice questions from real LSATs. However, these books are expensive when bought new. However, you can find them online for half the cost. (See Sidebar for deals from If you can’t find them for cheaper, bite the bullet and buy them. They’ll be the best investment you can make in starting your legal career.