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Save Money Preparing for the LSAT: Part III

This is Part III. (Read Part I, Part II.)

  1. Sign up for the test. I suggest you take the test in October. That way you have all summer to prepare for it. Additionally, if you don’t do as well as you like, you can retake it in December and still get your score back in time to apply to schools for the next year. Also, check and see if you’re eligible for a fee waiver.
  2. Make your study schedule. After taking the diagnostic test, you’ll know what sections you need to work on. Allocate more time for your weak areas. Set aside one day to take a full timed test. After the test, review the answers you got wrong. Focus on why that’s the wrong answer and why the right answer is right. To give you an idea of a possible schedule, here’s what mine often looked like:

Monday- Logic Games, Tuesday- Logical Reasoning, Wednesday- Reading Comprehension, Thursday- Logic Games, Friday- Logic Reasoning, Saturday- Full Test, Sunday- Nothing.

Check back tomorrow for Part IV.