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Save Money Preparing for the LSAT: Part IV

This is Part IV of the LSAT Series. (Read Part I, Part II, Part III.)

  1. Allocate your tests. Save the more recent tests for your full timed tests. The LSAT has evolved over the past 10 years. In the 90’s the games sections were super hard, while the logical reasoning and reading comprehension were pretty easy. Today the games are pretty easy, and the logical reasoning is bit harder and the reading comprehension is much harder. So, to be ready for what the real test is like, save the more recent tests for your full practice tests. Use the older tests to practice each section individually.
  2. Get to work. Stick to your plan and you’ll start seeing improvement. You might see some pretty rapid improvement immediately, but then you reach a plateau. Keep working and don’t get discouraged. You’ll break through it. This happened to me. I went from my measly 148 to a 155 in just two weeks. However, for the next 5 weeks, my practice test scores stayed at 155. I kept working and plugging away, but nothing happened. I started to think that maybe a 155 is the best I can do. But, I had a break through and scored a 160. After that, I started improving slowly, but steadily for the next few weeks. So, don’t get discouraged if improvement doesn’t come quickly. Stick to your plan. Review WHY you got answers wrong, and learn from your mistakes.