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Save Money Preparing for the LSAT: Part V

  1. Miscellaneous advice. I found that taking a symbolic logic class helped me out a lot on the logical reasoning section. The questions on the LSAT are VERY different then what you’ll be doing in a logic class at school. However, it helped me think more analytically and deductively-skills that are essential for the LSAT. To get ready for the reading comprehension section, read stuff like The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, or the New York Times. (Don’t buy them. That wouldn’t be frugal. Just go to Boarder’s or the library to read them.) The passages in the LSAT are very similar to the writing styles in these publications. In fact, the LSAT often uses articles from these publications on their test.

NOTE: According to LSAC, in June 2007, reading comprehension will be changed to comparative reading. Instead of one long passage as in past LSAT’s, you’ll be given two short passages. You’ll be asked questions on how the passages relate. Keep this in mind as you use older tests. What you’ll be facing on the reading comprehension section in June 2007 is very different from what past LSAT’s have been.

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