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Consider tire type when making a car purchase

This weekend I dropped a load of money into repairing our car. First, we had to fix the alignment because I slid into a curb during the big ice storm that hit Tulsa a few weeks ago. Cost: $62.

The big ticket purchase, though, was new front tires. Buying tires for our car is a HUGE hassle. We have a Mazda Protege 5 and for some odd reason Mazda designers decided to give the car a unique wheel size. Only two companies make tires for our type of car. Whenever we need to replace them, the tire place and even the dealer have to have them specially shipped. Consequently, a maintenance job that takes most people an hour stretches out to two days for us. On top of that, the tires that these companies make use a softer rubber compound than most tires. Instead of getting 80,000 miles, our tires get about 25,000 miles with proper maintenance. We easily drive 25,000 miles in a year. This means every year we’ll have to fork over $400 to replace our tires. Arrr….

Like the title of the post says, consider tire type when buying a car. Make sure your wheel isn’t some weird size. It will save you time and money.