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An Experiment in Extreme Frugality

If you haven’t read it already, check out this story in the New York Times about a couple in Manhattan trying to leave the smallest ecological foot print as they can. While their main goal is environmental, a residual outcome it that they’re being extremely frugal. Part of their plan includes going without toilet paper for a year! Wow. I’ve written before about extreme frugality, but I think this couple takes makes those ideas seem like child-play.

In addition to the no toilet paper rule, the couple is also doing several other frugal things, like:

  • Getting rid of the TV
  • Not using a dishwasher and microwave to reduce electricity bill
  • Switching to florescent lighting
  • Baking their own bread
  • Getting around town on an electric scooter (no gas bill)
  • Using baking soda as toothpaste

Check out the article to find out what’s like trying to live this kind of lifestyle in Manhattan. It’s not easy, but they seem to be very happy with their decision.