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My Name is Brett McKay and I’m a B.A.D Blogger


Yesterday I had the privilege to talk to Liz Strauss, author of the Successful Blog. When I signed up to be interviewed as a B.A.D blogger, I was expecting a kind of run of the mill interview about why I blog and what I’ve learned through blogging. However, if you read any other B.A.D blogger interviews, you’ll quickly see that interviews with Liz aren’t like that. Instead of interviews, Liz practices the art of conversation. Here’s the summary of our awesome conversation.

When I answered the phone, Liz immediately asked me what I would be doing on a Saturday morning if I didn’t have random people from Chicago calling me about blogs. Right away I knew this was going to be great phone call.

I asked Liz if she was running herself ragged getting ready of SOBCon07, to which she responded yes. She’s been working late nights, often into the early morning, only to wake up a few hours later to start working again.

She asked me if I was coming and I told her that I didn’t have the money to get out there. Liz immediately asked how she and others planning SOBCon7 could help me get out there. Liz then started talking about how they’ve been looking for sponsor’s to help people come to the conference. She asked if I knew anybody who could help me go. I said I really didn’t. But Liz wasn’t satisfied with my answer. She kept pressing. “What can we do to get people here?” I then came up with an idea to approach a local law firm to sponsor me. Liz said that was a great idea.

I told Liz that I really didn’t know how to approach someone to sponsor me. Liz gave some great advice. She suggested that I offer to come back and teach the attorney’s what I learned in return for the sponsorship. We both agreed that law firms could benefit greatly from blogs. Thus, offering to teach firms about blogging would be a great way to encourage sponsorships. Liz suggested I blog about my progress in getting a sponsorship and I told her I would. At this point I was stoked. This idea could actually work. Going to SOBCon no longer seemed to be wishful thinking, but a very possible reality.

The conversation then drifted to being a blog consultant. I told Liz I’ve thought about being a blog coach for awhile now, but didn’t know how to get started and that I was worried I didn’t know enough to provide the service. Liz kindly gave me tons of great advice on how to start a blog consultant job and encouragement that I could do it.

I asked Liz how she got to where she is today and she told me her story. She peppered her story with inspiring anecdotes of lessons she’s learned along the way. One thing that stuck out to me was how Liz emphasized business should be fun. You should always be having fun. Sometimes business will be hard, but it should be “hard fun.”

I told Liz how I’m really excited about the ideas we’ve come up with today. She told me “that’s the beauty of a good idea. It sounds good in the beginning and keeps sounding better and better the more you talk about it.”

We ended our conversation, but I told Liz that I would keep her updated about my progress in getting to SOBCon.

Like I said at the beginning, I went into my B.A.D interview expecting just a bunch of questions. But to my very pleasant surprise I found good conversation with a warm and generous person. Additionally, I got some great coaching on how to start blog coaching business! I’m still excited about all the possibilities that Liz helped me uncover. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have talked with her.

My name is Brett McKay and I’m a B.A.D blogger. Watch yourself sucka!