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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Andrew from Legal Andrew tagged me in a new meme that’s going around the blogsphere. This one is about what you want to be when you grow up.


When I was younger, I wanted to work for the CIA. I obsessed about spies. I had Spy Gear, I would make invisible ink with lemon juice to make secret messages, and I was obsessed with James Bond.

After I found out that working for the CIA would require me to be away from the family a lot, I decided that wasn’t a good idea.


I then went through a magic phase, like I think most kids do. David Copperfield was a mulleted god to me. I watched his specials religiously. My mom would take to me the library and I would check out every book on magic that they had. I joined the International Magicians Association. Going to a magic shop was like making a pilgrimage to a holy site.

Why didn’t I become a magician? I can’t palm a coin. No matter how much I practice, I could never master the skill that every magician needs. Oh, well.


Sometime around high school I got the idea of being a lawyer. My AP U.S. history teacher really inspired me. He’s an attorney. He had a pretty decent sized practice before he became a teacher. He kept a few of his clients and still worked with them while he taught. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, he was incredibly smart. I figured if wanted to be that smart, I needed to be a lawyer. I then met more and more attorneys and was impressed with all the good stuff they were doing. Some made lots of money doing, others didn’t. But they all enjoyed their work. That always impressed me. So, now I’m in law school working on become an attorney.

The future?

My goal is to practice law and have some sort of side business going on at the same time. It would fulfill both my need for stability and entrepreneurship.

Tag, you’re it!

This is my least favorite part of these memes. I can never think of people to send them to. I’ll tag my big sis, Shannon Bolt. Here you go, Shan.