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Monthly Review- March

I’ve decided to do a monthly review of how The Frugal Law Student is doing. It’s a nice way for me to see how I’m progressing and hopefully my success can inspire others with their blogs.

During March, I had 3,800 visitors in March. That’s up from 1,700 in February. Not too shabby. Thanks to all those who visited my blog for the first time during March, and thanks to all my continuing readers.
My RSS subscription is sitting at 9. I really want to improve my RSS subscription. If anybody has suggestions on how I can do this, please feel free to contact me.

This month’s popular posts

My jump in traffic can be attributed to this month’s most popular posts.

  1. How to Get Rich Quick Meaningfully. This is what caused the spike in my traffic. I was fortunate enough to get included in The Kirk Report’s Weekend Reading. Thanks for the link, Kirk!
  2. GTD and Your Finances: The Weekly Money Review. Thanks to a link and Digg from Legal Andrew, this post brought in some new readers. Thanks, Andrew! And thank you new readers for stopping by and reading.
  3. 11 Free Video Games That Will Develop Your Business & Personal Finance Skills. This was a fun post to write and research, and it looks like you all had fun reading it.

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