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You Gotta “Believe” in Network Marketing

Written by Brett McKay


Everyone has met one of these people during their life- the network marketer or better known as the pyramid schemer. You have “business” meetings with them to learn about crappy products to hawk to your family and friends. However, the real money is getting more people signed up with the program. For every person you sign on, you get a small commission of that person’s sales. You even get a percentage of the sells of the individuals that your “sells reps” bring in. It’s supposed to be formula to getting rich quickly, but it hardly works out that way. You usually end up losing money buying the starter kit for the crappy products you’re supposed to sell.

A new mockumentry called Believe takes the culture of network marketing and tears it to shreds. Believe follows an unemployed steel mill worker as he climbs the many levels of the network marketing company called Believe. However, he starts to realize that the company has been misleading people at their over the top sells conventions. Should he turn a blind eye and keep amassing wealth or should he walk away from it all?

From the look of the trailers, Believe looks like a decent movie. The acting doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t look incredibly bad either. The guy that plays the slick salesman does a great job capturing that slimy, but aw-shucks aurora that many multi-level marketers have.

Because Believe is an independent film, it has a limited release. I’ll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD.