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Have a Top Rate Kitchen For Less Than $300

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about having a minimalist kitchen. Supplying a kitchen can get expensive. Many people think in order to cook quality meals they need the latest doodads and finniest cutlery. The reality is that most chefs just buy their equipment at the local restaurant supply house. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on your kitchen, you can have all the equipment you’ll ever need for less than $300.

The author gives a list of the bare essentials that you need in order to have a well stocked kitchen. The list includes:

  • Eight-inch, plastic-handle stainless alloy chef’s knife- $10
  • Three stainless steel bowls- $
  • Sturdy tongs- $3.50
  • Sturdy sheet pan-$6
  • Plastic cutting board-$6
  • Paring knife-$3
  • Five Pots- $30
  • Medium nonstick cast aluminum pan- $13

You can find these products at these low prices at your local retail store. You can also check out your local restaurant supply house. Finally, there are several online restaurant supply stores like Zesco and My Restaurant Supply House.

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