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The Hassle of Too Much “Stuff”

This is a classic George Carline routine about “stuff.” He makes pointed observations on how ridiculous our society’s quest for “stuff” is. “Stuff” just makes our lives more complicated and more stressful.

Take for example a PDA. You buy a PDA hoping it will make you more productive. However, you have to worry about the battery being fully charged, so you carry around a power adapter. That’s one more thing you have to lug around. What happens if you lose they stylus? So, you have to keep track of that, too. What happens if you lose or damage your PDA? Not only do you have to stress out about keeping tabs on a $300 piece of equipment, you also have to worry about losing the information that’s on it. Life’s so much easier and less stressful with pencil and paper. Plus, you spend less money.
Anyway, I’ll let George Carlin take it away now. (Warning: Adult language)

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