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Take Courtney Tuttle’s Paycheck

Blogger [tag]Courtney Tuttle[/tag] is doing a case study on how much money one can make blogging. In order to promote his blog, he’s offering to give whatever amount he makes during the month of May blogging to the person who guesses within $1.00 of what he will earn.

My guesses are:


  • Create a post on your blog, copy these rules and paste them into the post.
  • Make a guess! Link to his homepage with the text ‘make money online $1.00′, replacing the $1.00 with the amount of your guess. Example: make money online $100.56.
  • Leave this link to the rules page intact.
  • Use my contact page to confirm your entry by letting me know (make sure to include the URL of your post)! I will find most of them, but let me know to make sure!

Special Rule Through 5/20/2007

  • If you make your guess before midnight, MDT on 5/20/2007, I will allow you to make 2 guesses. If you want to make 2 guesses, you’ll have to make 2 links. You still only need to make 1 post. If you want to guess twice, do it soon! After 5/20 you will only be able to guess once.

What Do You Have To Lose?

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