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10+1 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look Like a Blogging Newbie

In the spirit of trying to stop driving traffic away from my blog, I present to you Court’s 10 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look Like a Blogging Newbie.

I’m guilty of number four on his list:

Change your blog’s theme and layout every 13 hours, that way people will know with absolute certainty that you have no idea whatsoever what you want your blog to look like. Tweak your theme relentlessly so that your readers get a chance to see each ‘mess up’ you make in the process.

In fact, I was screwing with my theme a bunch today. To my credit, I wasn’t tweaking for the sake of tweaking. I installed the Text Link Ads plugin on my blog and all hell broke loose. Error messages were all over the place. I ended up scraping my theme and uploading it again. Thankfully, I have things back on track again.

I would add “Write posts with tons of typos” to Court’s list. As I posted earlier this weekend, I’ve had to learn the hard way that typos make you look like a complete newbie. Typos are a red flag to readers that they’re dealing with a blogger who has no idea what readers want when they read blogs. Readers not only want original and helpful content, they want their content presented to them professionally.

If you’re interested in improving your blog, stop by Courtney’s site. You’ll find plenty of great articles filled with useful tips.

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