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Why I Started The Frugal Law Student

Why I Started The Frugal Law Student

After a few years of being an avid blog reader, I decided to start my own. Because I was big fan of personal finance blogs and law school blogs, I thought I would marry the two and create a blog dedicated to helping law students mitigate their crippling law school debt. I figured it would be a good way to keep track and hold me accountable for how I managed my finances in during law school.

My blog has evolved quickly over the seven months I’ve been writing. The Frugal Law Student started out as an anonymous blog in which I shared what I spent each day with anybody else who cared to read. Occasionally, I’d give a tip. I finally realized that my spending habits weren’t that exciting, so I started writing more tips on how to save money and less on what I spent on a particular day.

While my blog is geared towards law students, I’ve found that many of my readers are non-law students. It’s nice to have such a broad audience to write for. I hope that my posts have been able to help other law students who also have the same goal to keep their student debt in check.

Why The Frugal Law Student Is Valuable To Me Now

Writing The Frugal Law Student has really helped me and my wife stay in control of our finances. Our goal is for me to finish law school with the least amount of debt as possible. Writing everyday on how to save money really keeps me focused on that goal.

I’ve also made new friends and connections through blogging. For example, Andrew Flusche of Legal Andrew fame has become one of my good friends in the blogsphere. He’s helped me out a lot with the development of my blog. I don’t think I would be where I am today with The Frugal Law Student without his help. Perhaps the connections I’ve made while blogging will result in a new job or some other opportunity.

I also think writing The Frugal Law Student has helped my writing skills. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that two years ago my writing was horrible. However, with the help of my legal writing class and The Frugal Law Student, I feel I’ve become a decent writer. I know I can still improve, though.

This post is part of Top Law Student’s group writing project on why law students have blogs.

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