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Ask Mr. Credit Card Cash Back Credit Card Calculator

My wife and I have been interested in getting a credit card that gives rewards for using it. However, with so many to choose from, we never knew which one would be the best for us. Thankfully, Mr. and Mrs. Credit Card have developed cash back credit card calculator that takes the guessing out of choosing a cash back credit card.

Their calculator takes into account your spending habits. All you need to enter is how much you spend a month in the following categories: super market, gas, drugstore, cable, utility, travel, dining, and other. You then have the option of maximizing your rebate by using multiple cards or if you like to keep things simple, just one card. When you hit enter, the calculator not only tells you which credit card would be best for you, it also tells you how much money you’d get back using the card.

I tried using the calculator. It’s very straight forward. Based on my wife’s and I spending we should be using the Chase Freedom Cash Visa Card. We’d only make $11, but that’s $11 we don’t have.

I think Mr. and Mrs. Credit are on to something here. I suggested that that they include a link to a credit card review they have done for the card(s) that the calculator spits out. I think it would be useful to know why the Chase Freedom Card is the right cash back card for me. I also think it would be cool if they included reward points for those who aren’t interested in the cash back program. That might get a little tricky, but it would be a nice touch. Also, if you leave a field blank, the calculator won’t work. You have to type in a number in every field even if it’s a zero. It would be nice if they could configure the calculator so that if one leaves a field blank, it automatically puts a zero in. It’s a not a big thing, but I think it would make the tool more user friendly for people like me who consistently leave fields blank when they don’t have to enter anything in it. Again, I think overall this tool is really awesome. These small suggestions would be icing on the cake.

If you’ve been interested in getting a cash back credit card, but have been left in inertia by all the choices, go by Ask Mr. Credit Card and try their cash back credit card calculator.

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