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New Side Project: Best Facebook Applications

I’ve decided to start a side blog called Best Facebook Applications. The purpose is to provide people with reviews and news on the new Facebook Applications coming out.

My goal with Best Facebook Applications is to see how fast I can make it grow using all the SEO and marketing techniques I’ve picked up while writing The Frugal Law Student. So far it’s not doing too bad. Today over 200 visitors swung by the new blog. It still hasn’t been indexed by Google and I don’t have any authority on Technorati. So, if you have a blog and you ever plan to write a post on Facebook, a mention would be appreciated.

It shouldn’t take any time away from The Frugal Law Student. Each post takes about 10 minutes to write. I’m going to try and pump out about 5 posts a day on Best Facebook Applications so the Google spiders have something to read. I’d appreciate any feedback you all can supply on the new blog.

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