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Carnival of Money Stories #14

Welcome to the 14th edition of Carnival of Money Stories! For this edition of the carnival there were 25 submissions; however, the majority of them were not in line with this carnival’s theme. Please remember that this carnival is for posts that have personal stories about your finances. While I enjoyed reading several articles with “how to” advice or general information about personal finance, I did not include them because they lacked a personal story. Other blog carnivals exist for such submissions. With that out of the way, on to the submissions!

Editor’s Choice

Free Money Finance recounts his unpleasant experience with his Sears Elliptical machine. FMF did an awesome job documenting his year year long ordeal with Sears. I could totally relate to his experience of buying a product that ends up being a huge hassle in your life.

Super Awesome Money Stories

Jane Chin at Jane on Career and Success discusses her and her husband’s experience with separate banking accounts

Kara-Leah Masina at Be Conscious Now describes her meaningful money makeover.

Matt Tupy at Tonic Gifts gives a personal perspective of the American dollar price on the Australian economy.

Queercents presents Ten Money Questions with furniture designer Mitchell Gold. Lots of great questions about his personal experiences with money.

Ask Mr. Credit Card recounts his first stock investment.

The Dough Roller explains his experience teaching his kids about money management with Quicken.

Tracy Coenen at The FRAUDfiles Blog talks about the credit card industry fighting against piggybacking and her experience with it in college.

The Digerati Life asks Do You Really Know How Much it Costs To Own Your Car? There’s a nice breakdown of the author’s expenses on the family minivan.

David at My Two Dollars recounts his experience with an automotive lemon law case.

Thank you all for your participation in this week’s carnival! I really enjoyed reading your personal experiences dealing with your finances. Make sure to check out next week’s Carnival of Money Stories hosted by Retire Young and Wealthy. If you’d like to participate next week, just fill out this handy form.

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