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I Am 26 Years Old and My Mom Cuts My Hair

My mom has been cutting my hair since I was knee high to a grasshopper. And she cuts it still today, although I can now crush that grasshopper with a 26 year old’s foot. She still cuts it the same: straight across. Up through high school she also cut my bangs, also straight across. Eventually I realized that my straight across bangs, complete with a cowlick in the middle, were doing nothing to help my already stilted social progress. And so the bangs were grown out. Then I had my mom cut my hair shorter, but still straight across. So then I looked like a knight from the round table. Did I mention the stilted social progress?

There was a period in college when I had shorter, hipper hair, you know the kind with some style as opposed to straight across. And this required a regular visit to the hairdresser. So a few years went by without mom taking the scissors to the hair. But then I grew tired of short hair and I grew my hair out longer.

So I went back to mom for my trimmings. My hair is fine and straight, and there is just not much style that could be put into it, regardless of who cuts it. So mom just gives me regular trimmings-you guessed it-straight across. These days I have been itching for a change, something shorter and more stylish. But since money is so tight, long, straight hair will have to do. I simply won’t plunk down $25 every six weeks at this point in my life. And shorter hair on women shouldn’t be attempted at home. So while my hair is rather blah, it is really just cut with the latest “frugal style.”

If you are currently into sporting the frugal style than you too should find a friend or family member to cut your hair. Another very cheap option is to have your hair cut by the students at a beauty college, although the results can be mixed. Never cut your own hair, unless you are using a Flowbee. And if you are middle aged or older, you should go the “gray braid” route. My friends and I always joked about becoming “old gray braids” when we were older. Although my hair is really not thick enough to pull off a proper hippie gray braid.

So there is my confession. I am 26 years old and my mom cuts my hair. Perhaps this should be embarrassing to me, but the fact that I am also living with my hairdresser is more so.