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I recently found this article about how to get your teeth fixed in Mexico. The author explains how he saved a bundle of money crossing the border to get his teeth capped. Instead of paying $750 for each tooth in the US, he paid $250 for each tooth at a dentist in Tijuana. He goes on to explain how impressed he was with the Dr.’s know how and technique.

The story reminded me of my experience living in Tijuana. During that time, I had to make a few visits to the Dr. I‘ll admit that when I first went, I was expecting crappy health care. Mexico is after all a third world country. To my chagrin, I found the health care in Mexico to be awesome. The doctors were really knowledgeable and friendly and the facilities were comparable to many American Drs. offices. The best part was that it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than in the United States. Medications were also cheap and easy to get a hold of. I also liked how you could buy many medications without a prescription. Yeah, I’ll concede that a system like that is open to abuse, but when you know what medication you need to take for certain illnesses, why spend the money so a Dr. can tell you to take it?

Have any of you been to Mexico to have medical treatment done? Would you consider it if it would save you a ton of money?

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