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Expensr: Free Online Personal Finance Manager


One of the things that constantly plague my personal finance life is how I’m going to track my finances. I’ve gone from using MS Money to Quicken, then to a paper based system, back to Money. Now I’m using a hybrid of Money and paper. I haven’t found a system that I feel comfortable with.

I’d love to use Money all the time. My biggest problem with it is that it has too many unwanted features. MS Money can get really complicated really fast.

If you’re like me and would like a computer based finance system, but hate the complexity of the ones on the market, you should give expensr a try.

Expensr is pretty much MS Money and Quicken pared down to the bare essentials. You can easily keep track of your spending and accounts online. Like MS Money, expensr produces charts to show your progress, spending, and money allocation; however, the charts in expensr are much simpler and clean looking than the ones on Money. It also creates monthly reports that show what your average daily spending was for the month.

The feature that separates expensr from other personal finance applications is the community feature. You can tag your spending with different keywords and see what other expensr users spend on those same type of items. You can also give yourself tags like “a student” or “in my twenties”. From those tags, you can see what people like you are spending and perhaps get advice from them.

Overall, expensr is a really slick personal finance app. It’s definitely a viable alternative to Quicken or Money. Best of all, expensr is free!

Go by and see if expensr is right for you.

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