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Law school is a challenge. Law school while balancing a family is even more of a challenge. As a married law student, one of the things that I always have in the back of my mind is my relationship with my wife. It’s pretty easy to get so carried away with studying, that you forget to nurture your most important relationships. Some law school wives (or husbands) joke about being a widow or a single parent because their spouse is gone so much.

Law school can wreak havoc on a marriage. I remember at law school orientation, one of the speakers said that half of all first year married law students end up divorced by the end of law school. Yikes!

My wife and I made a priority to have at least one date night every week. After not seeing each other that much during the week it’s nice to go to restaurant or get an ice cream cone and sit and talk. I think it really helped keep our relationship strong during that trying first year.

For those of you who are married or in a close relationship, what has been your experience maintaining that relationship while in law school? What do you do to nurture it?

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