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Cheap Smartphone and Smartphone Plan From Sprint


Lately, I’ve had an itch to get a Blackberry. It started after I read Never Eat Alone. The author discusses how he uses his Blackberry to keep track of and nourish his contact list. My only problem is that Blackberries and the data plans that go with them are pretty expensive. (Also, I’m afraid I’ll become a Crackberry-head)

My friend, John Barghols, let me know about a great cell phone deal from Sprint that includes a Blackberry like device.

Sprint Employee Referral Offer (SERO)

The Sprint Employee Referral Offer is a $30 a month cell/data plan. It includes

  • 500 anytime minutes, free weekends/nights from 7PM-7AM
  • Unlimited Sprint mobile to mobile calls
  • Unlimited Nationwide long distance
  • Unlimited data (e-mail, instant messaging, web browsing)

You can purchase a Motorola Q with the plan for $99. The listing price is $450.

In order to get in on the SERO deal, you have to enter a special e-mail address:

This looks like a pretty good deal. But alas, I won’t be taking part. While unlimited e-mail from my cell phone would be cool, I just don’t have the $30 for the monthly plan or $99 for the phone.

Before I get angry comments from people about how having a Blackberry isn’t frugal, let me say I agree. However, as I’ve written before, I’m of the opinion that frugality is relative. For many of my readers, the SERO plan is definitely a frugal option. For others, sticking with a normal cell phone/cell phone plan works for them. I’m not going to force my idea of frugality on other people. I just hope to help people from different walks of life save money.

Note: This was not sponsored post. John thought my readers would appreciate the tip and shared it with me. Thanks for the tip, John!