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The Best, Most Frugal Way to Freshen Your Breath That You’re Not Doing

No it’s not toothpastes, mouthwash, breath mints, breath strips, gum, or Bianca (do they even make that anymore?). The cheapest and best way to get fresh breath is by using a tongue scraper. I was skeptical of the power of the tongue scraper until a friend went on and on about how effective it was. So Brett and I decided to try it and we’ve become true believers too.

You see, the majority of bad breath is not caused by the food that you eat, but rather originates from the back of your tongue. There bacteria, decaying food particles, and even discharge from your nasal cavities, breeds and emits a foul odor. Brushing your teeth won’t get rid of it. Even brushing your tongue with your tooth brush won’t get it all. And breath mints and gum don’t remove it either. Your tongue is like a lush carpet and the germs hide in the nooks and crannies. You need a tongue scraper to sweep them out. A mouth post-tongue scrape is remarkably clean, and the results are instantaneous. You can tell the difference right after you scrape.

If you are afraid of waking up to your significant other with monstrous morning breath, just make sure you scrape your tongue before bed. Your morning breath will be significantly tamed. And you won’t have to employ the old back of the hand sniff test.

And the best part is that it is frugal. One tongue scraper, which will last you years and years, costs $5. Or if you are especially frugal you can even use a spoon. In contrast if you bought mouthwash or breath mints every week at $1.50 a pop you’ll end up spending $6 a month or $72 a year!

Of course if you’re on a date and you just ate a garlicky meal, then you may want to freshen the mouth with some mint gum. But generally speaking the most effective and frugal way to freshen your breath is giving it a good scraping.

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