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The Frugal Law Student Is Tired Of Being Frugal

Right now, I’m tired of being frugal. I just want to drop some cash instead of watching every single dollar my wife and I spend. Last week, instead of making our own meals, we bought ready to cook bag meals and frozen pizzas. It wasn’t that expensive, but we could have saved some money had we made our meals ourselves. Spending the extra money didn’t bother me, though. My wife and I didn’t want to worry about cooking for a week, so the extra money was worth the convenience.

Another frugal arrangement that gets annoying every once in a while is sharing one car. My wife and I have had several moments where having two cars would be much more convenient. We could buy an extra car, but the expenses that go along with it would put a squeeze on us financially. Plus, our car rides are a great time for my wife and I to connect. So, I’ve gotten over my urge to buy an extra car.

I’ve also just been in the mood to spend money. I’d love to go on a shopping spree and buy some new clothes, CDs, computer software, and Franklin Covey stuff. I don’t know why I’ve had this urge come on suddenly.

I think it’s always a good idea when you’re feeling some frugal burnout to go and splurge a little. Frugality is the means to our long term goals. However, if we don’t reward ourselves on the short term, being frugal can quickly lose it’s appeal. The extra $15 we spent on bagged meals won’t set us back in our progress. Buying a CD will not bankrupt me. The key is to not overdue it.

If you’re feeling a little frugally fried, go out and treat yourself to something nice.

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Paying off Law school can force you to be frugal until you parlay your Degree into in a specialty. Whether you choose to become a Criminal Attorney, a banking attorney or a Divorce Lawyer there are literally hundreds of different areas of law to work in.