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Jamie Foxx’s Frugal Workout


This month’s issue of Men’s Health had a feature on actor/singer, Jamie Foxx. Mr. Foxx has had a pretty interesting career. My first exposure to him was his role as Wanda on In Living Color. It’s amazing to see where he has gone with his career.

Part of his Mr. Foxx’s success and current classification as one of the best looking men in America is staying in tip top shape. But Foxx doesn’t fork over thousands of dollars for membership to exclusive gyms or personal trainers. Instead, Mr. Foxx does a simple workout at home consisting of pushups, situps, and crunches each morning – four sets of 25 each.

Quite the lifehacker, Mr. Foxx breaks up his workout by doing chores between sets. He’ll do a set of pushups and then brush his teeth; a set of situps and then take a shower; and so on until he has done all his sets. By doing it this way, Mr. Foxx says that exercise has become part of his morning routine.

The point is you don’t need to spend tons of money to get in shape. My wife and I recently stopped going to the gym and We’re now taking advantage of an outdoor fit center along our town’s running trails. Not only do we get a super intense workout for free, we get to do it while looking at the Arkansas River. Very nice.

Start the Jamie Foxx workout. If you need to do some cardio, go running for 20 minutes. There. You’re done and you haven’t spent a dime.