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How The Frugal Law Student Saves On Shaving

People are willing to fork over tons of money for a good shave. First, they’ll buy the latest 5 blade razor. A cartridge of four blades will set you back about $10. Yikes! Then, you have to get the shaving cream that was specially made for the 5 bladed razor. Cost-$5. You’re looking at spending between $15-$20 just on shaving every 6 weeks. Well, my friends. There is another way.

gilletesafetyrazorvig.jpgThe razor. The first thing I did to start saving money on shaving was dump the Mach 3s, and pick up an old fashion Gillette safety razor. I found mine at an antique store in Vermont this summer. Ask your Grandpa if he still has his old safety razor and maybe he’ll let you borrow it. If you can’t find a used one, you can still buy one new. You can buy a new Merkur Classic on Amazon for about $30.

Once you make this upfront investment, your shave will be cheaper. Safety blades cost about $.40 each. I go to Albertson’s and buy a 10 pack for about $4. Each blade lasts about 10 days if you shave every day. In addition to saving money, you’re reducing the amount of waste you produce. It’s frugal and environmentally friendly.

One caveat on shaving with the safety razor. When you first start out, you’ll probably slice the hell out of your face. Shaving with an old fashion razor requires more skill than today’s modern 5 edged contraptions. Some dude who’s a old school style shaving aficionado has put together a series of videos on how to shave with a safety razor. Here are the videos:

Shaving cream. I use Barbasol shaving cream. A can of it costs $.99 and lasts for weeks. I figure if it was good enough for my Grandpa, it’s good enough for me. To make the lathering experience more enjoyable, I apply it with a boar brush. Not only does using a brush make you feel manly, it also does a better job in getting the cream under your whiskers for better shaving. Note to ladies: My wife has started to use my Barbaosl shaving cream to shave her legs. Her report was that it gave her the best shave she’s ever had. So, you too can skip the gel and go with the old $.99 can.

I’ve been shaving like this for the past two months. I’m happy to report that I’ve been having the best shaves of my life. Holy cow! I’m smoother than a baby’s behind! The shaves are so close that I can often skip a day and still look clean shaven. Besides saving money, shaving the old fashion way makes me feel like a bad ass. It’s nice to take part in a morning ritual that bad asses like my grandpa, John F. Kennedy, and Teddy Roosevelt took part in.