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6 Ways To Save Money On Halloween

Last week’s ask the reader question was “how to save money on Halloween.” With Halloween just a few weeks away, these 6 tips are timely.


1. Make your own costume. For example it seems like grapes are always a cheap option for a costume. All you need is a garbage bag and purple balloons. Also my sister was a die (as in singular for dice) one year. My parents just painted a box white with some black spots and cut out some arm holes and leg holes. It was unique, dirt cheap, and cute….although some people strangely thought she was a square cow. Brett told me he once just put a bow on himself, and told people he was “God’s Gift to Women.” Very funny. [Mrs. FLS]

2. We shop all summer at rummage sales for costumes of all kinds and since most stuff is marked between $.50 and $3.00 for little kids things we buy 4-6 outfits. Then we let the kids pick from the pile. This works well against the “but I wanna be…” something elses because they are overwhelmed with selection. Then we tell them they can keep their outfits all year for dress up, there are no complaints and lots of hugs. [Kelly]

3. I always watched for sales on the big packages of candy toward the end of October. I buy a couple of them, plus use coupons which you can find in the Sunday paper. It cost’s me maybe $10.00 for the two which sounds like a lot to pay for candy, but I have over 100 kids come to the house on Halloween night and can hand out two or three pieces. [Helen]

4. Save old clothes, buy after Halloween for wigs, hats, etc. Keep a tub filled with all your finds and keep adding to it during the year. [Helen]

5. Ninja. All you need is black clothes you already own. [Strange Bird]

6. This probably sounds grinch-ish, but I don’t do anything for Halloween, so there’s no expense whatsoever. I know that may not be practical for families with children – but if there are no children at home, I seriously suggest just turning off the front light and not giving out candy. [Marsha]

Thanks everyone for your great ideas! Tune in for the next ask the readers segment!