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11 Cheap Date Ideas

Last week, I asked my amazing readers for ideas for cheap dates and the readers really came through with some great ideas. As usual, I’ve included the name of the submitter next to the idea, and if that that submitter has a site, I’ve included a link as well. Thanks to all those who participated. If you have any more ideas, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

1. Depending on where you live, making use of scenery is a great tool for cheap dates. I adore buying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and walking on the pier. It’s traditionally terribly romantic and you get fresh air. One of the best dates my boyfriend and I ever shared was when I took him to a creek near my house and we had a picnic. After a little bit of hiking, we found the perfect spot and spent hours beneath the canopy of the foliage laughing and drinking wine. [Vixen]

2. My wife and I enjoy being at home, we live just out of the city so after a week of being busy with work and running around town we really don’t feel like ‘going out’. We have fun on a Friday night staying home and watching our favorite shows from the week on our DVR and I make dinner. Here is an interesting touch I added last week- my wife really loves the Pasta Milano dish at Macaroni Grill. I spent some time Googling and found the recipe and made it for dinner. It turned out really well (helps if you like to cook anyway). That’s like a frugal ‘night out’ instead of spending $20 at the movies and $50 at dinner. [Financeandfat]

3. We use that often, as well as finding out which restaurants have specials on certain nights. The movie theater near us has a $5 movie card – it makes it cheap enough to see a movie. There are also things like HotTix that offer half-price tickets to plays and other shows in our area. [christine]

4. My husband is still in school, and I have only been out for a few months. He has long days at school, so we try to figure out things to make his “school nights” more bearable. We have the Blockbuster Total Access deal, where you get movies in the mail and can trade them in for store rentals (instant gratification!). Its a good deal for us because we were renting a couple a week anyway. [Jamie]

5. One of our favorite weeknight dates is easy and fun-the Baskin Robbins by our apartment has $1 scoops on Tuesdays, so we walk over there and each get a scoop. Delicious and fun, and it gets us out on a walk so we can talk to each other.[Jamie]

6. Amateur sporting events are usually a cheap date…high school football, Little League Baseball, etc. Typically little to nothing to get in, concessions are reasonably price, and you could even take your own snacks. This is all given your wife/girlfriend enjoys sports. [Jeff]

7. My boyfriend and I like to cook dinner and watch a Netflix movie together as a cheap date idea. We get quality time to chat while we’re cooking, and we enjoy it on the coffee table in front of the TV to watch a movie. [strangebird]

8. We also try just going out for ice cream instead of a meal on a weekend night, or going to a restaurant happy hour for a drink. [strangebird]

9. Sometimes during the daytime we’ll go to the park, each with a book, and sit and read together. [strangebird]

10. Brett and I like to go to Borders together and sit and read the magazines and books. Fun and free. [Katie]

11. Making pizza is always a fun date. Pizza and a movie. [Christine]