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The Frugal Law Student Month In Review- October 2007

October was a super busy month for me. With law review and job interviews thrown on top of my already busy law school schedule, I didn’t have much time for blogging. However, I did manage to write some posts that brought in a lot of traffic.

The Frugal Law Student saw a record number of visitors this month- 23,408 visits. That’s up from 8,466 in September. Why the huge increase? There are several reasons. First, many of you submitted some of my posts to Stumbleupon and Digg which brought in lots of traffic. Second, some of my posts went semi-viral and were linked on different sites thanks to some big time bloggers, like JD from Get Rich Slowly, linking to me. Finally, one of my posts was included in the Principle Financial Group’s monthly client newsletter. Those three things combined brought the traffic. So, thanks to all of you who Dugg or Stumbled my posts or linked to my articles! I really appreciate it.

RSS subscriptions also rose. As of this writing, there are 614 RSS subscribers. Thanks to all my loyal readers who subscribe. Seriously, you all keep me motivated to come up with new content each and everyday.

Popular Posts

  1. Hack Your Pocket Moleskine Into A Wallet. This was this month’s most popular post. It got Stumbled a ton and was included on several sites.
  2. 180 Money Saving Tips to Turn Your Life Around 180 Degrees.  I wrote this post back in May and its still one of my more popular ones. 180 Money Saving Tips was picked up by Principal Financial in their monthly e-newsletter to clients.
  3. Do It Yourself Pottery Barn Halloween Countdown Calendar.  My sister Shannon wrote this great how-to guide. Several other craft related blogs picked it up. JD from Get Rich Slowly was kind enough to include it in his weekly link round up at the beginning of the month.
  4. 13 Ways To Kill a Cold Without Killing Your Budget. Cold season is upon us which probably made this post so popular this month.
  5. 12 Meals That Are Easy, Cheap, And Healthy. This was a guest post written by FLS reader Erica. Lots of great ideas for quick frugal meals.

Calling All Guest Bloggers

With law school exams just a month a way, my focus will be turning more to studying. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for The Frugal Law Student, contact me. You can write about anything dealing with law school, personal finance, frugality, or productivity. If you’re a new blogger, guest blogging is a great way to get exposure to new readers.


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