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The Best of Frugal Law Student 2007

It’s been an amazing year at The Frugal Law Student. It has grown considerably. At the beginning of the year, FLS had maybe 50 subscribers. Now it’s sitting at 744. Daily traffic averaged about 50 a day; now FLS is averaging 500. FLS has even gotten some main stream media press in the Tulsa World and the ABA Journal! I never imagined that this little hobby of mine would have gotten so big when I started it last year.

And I owe a large part of FLS’s success to my readers. Thank you for reading my blog, submitting ideas, and passing along the word to others. You all keep me motivated to keep producing killer content.

And now, for a review of this spectacular year at The FLS, I present “The Best of Frugal Law Student 2007.” Enjoy!


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