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Free Haircuts

Written by Brett McKay

I just got my haircut for free courtesy of my fugal mother-in-law. She did a great job.

Men, if you don’t particularly care about your hairstyle, I suggest buying a trimmer set. You’ll pay the thing off after two haircuts. If you don’t have a mother-in-law to cut your hair, find a friend, or learn to do it yourself. You could save over $100 a year.

Ladies, you don’t need to go to fancy boutique to get your hair cut. Mrs. Frugal Law Student usually just cuts the ends of her hair once every couple of months. I think she looks fabulous.

Does anyone know if you can sell your hair? I’ve been blessed with ultra thick hair. I had so much hair buzzed off it looked like a small animal was lying on the ground when my mother-in-law was done. I’d hate to see it go to waste. I guess I should probably donate it.

Free Course Outlines

Written by Brett McKay

Finals are few weeks away. Do you have your course outline ready?

If you’re like most law students, you probably haven’t even started on it. Instead of stressing out, I suggest you look for a good commercial outline for your course.

I am NOT suggesting that you rely solely on the commercial outline for preparation. Rather, you should use it as a skeleton of how you’re going to organize your outline. You should then supplement the outline with your teacher’s notes. You should also be aware of faulty information in outlines.

Only a sucker would spend money on outlines. So, to help you all you frugal legal eagles out there prepare for exams without breaking the bank, I’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to get FREE course outlines.

Free Stuff Times

Written by Brett McKay

As a Frugal Law Student, I’m always on the lookout for free stuff. So, I was pleased as punch to find a blog dedicated 100% to free stuff. Free Stuff Times dedicates itself finding all the free offers that are out there. The owner of the site has done a great job scouring the net for free offers. Take your pick from a free Beachnut Baby Bowl (for your favorite cereal, not necessarily baby food) to a free subscription to Giant. Check back daily because they’re always posting new items.

5 Ways to Earn Westlaw Points

Written by Brett McKay

One of the perks that law school students have is unlimited Westlaw access. What makes it even better is that Westlaw rewards students who use their service with points. Students can use these points to purchase study supplements and Ipods. Free stuff! For example, Andrew at Legal Andrew traded in his Westlaw points for an espresso machine. You gotta love a free espresso machine. However, it seems many of my fellow 1Ls aren’t taking advantage of Westlaw’s offer. I think ignorance is what’s holding most of them back.

So, as an effort to combat this ignorance, here’s a list of how to quickly and easily earn Westlaw points:

1. Log on everyday- you earn 10 points just for doing that.

2. Sign out every time you’re on and answer Westlaw trivia- for every question you answer correctly, you earn 15 points.

3. Read EVERY e-mail that Westlaw sends- you can earn between 100-200 points just for doing that. Sometimes Westlaw includes a bonus trivia question in e-mail that is worth another 100 points.

4. Attend every training session your at your law school- you can earn 200 points for attending a fifty minute presentation. Not only do you get points, you actually brush up on research skills

5. Take advantage of special promotions- this past semester Westlaw has been conducting a 1L promotion called “Key to Your Future.” Westlaw reps handed out promotion codes that redeemed 25 points each. Students were eligible to submit different promotion codes 8 times.

Opened an ING accont today

Written by Brett McKay

I’ve been reading a lot about several online banks that offer killer interest rates for your savings account. Not only that, many of them give you money just for signing up with them.

Case in point. ING Direct. You can start an account with them for just $250 at an interest rate of 4.40%! That puts my bank’s puny 1.05% return rate to shame. I decided to take the plunge. As soon as I opened my account, ING deposited $25 into my new account. In less than thirty minutes, I got a 10% on my original investment. Brilliant.

Use Your law library

Written by Brett McKay

One of the least used resources at law school is the law library. I’m amazed at the stuff you can find in there, especially when it comes to supplements.

I’ve had many helpful 2L’s and 3L’s suggest which supplements I should buy to help me prepare for exams. The problem is that if I were to actually buy all the supplements they suggest, I would be out about $1,000. Several of my fellow 1L’s have actually gone out and bought all the hornbooks for their classes. Not frugal.

You can find all supplements at you law school library. Most of them tend to be in the library reserve. After every class, I’ll go the library and check out my favorite supplement. (Right now my favorites are Examples and Explanations and the Understanding Series by Lexis.) I’ll read the chapter on the section we just covered in class and answer any practice questions. Total cost: $0.

I plan on taking advantage of all the multiple choice practice question books that the library has on reserve while I start preparing for exams.

Lesson: Don’t buy supplements. They’re expensive and you can use them for free at your library