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Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro

Written by Brett McKay


You’re set for a big interview with law job of your dreams. You have the suit and your belt matches your shoes. However, you have a wrinkly shirt. Don’t think you can hide the fact that your shirt is wrinkly by putting your suit coat over it. People can tell you have a wrinkly shirt on, which means the person interviewing you can tell that you have a wrinkly shirt on. In interviews, details matter. If you want the job, you better look like you have your act together, which includes a well pressed dress shirt.

The Iron Prep

  • Set the iron temperature. For all cotton fabrics, set the temperature for high; lower for part (or all) synthetics. High temperatures can melt synthetics. You don’t want a melting shirt in addition to a wrinkly one.
  • Iron on a padded surface. It makes ironing easier.
  • Dampen the shirt. The key to good ironing is to have a slightly damp shirt. Take the shirt out of the dryer before it completely dries. If the shirt is already dry, spray a down with some water until slightly damp.

The Iron Plan

Don’t just iron randomly. It’s less efficient and less effective. Follow these 7 steps for ironing nirvana:

  1. Collar. Lay it flat, wrong side up, pressing from the points towards the center. Then press it on the right side.
  2. Yoke: The yoke is the panel that covers the shoulders. Lay it over the widest part of the ironing board to do the job.
  3. Cuffs: Iron the insides, then the outside.
  4. Sleeves: Smooth the sleeve flat with your palm and iron it, then flip it over and do the other side. Then do the other sleeve. Use the seams as a guide on how to flatten it.
  5. Back: Lay it on the wide part of the ironing board, too.
  6. Front panels: Start with the pocket, then do the panels. The little grooves on your iron help you press around buttons.
  7. Retouch: Retouch the collar and cuffs if they need it

The Iron Finish

Hang the shirt on a hanger. Don’t put it in your closet until it’s cool or it will just get wrinkly again.

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Increase Your Buying Pleasure With Tantric Shopping

Written by Brett McKay

If you want to get handle on your debt, you have to curb your spending. Unfortunately, we live in a society that encourages instant gratification.

You see something you want and you want it now! We’ve all experienced it. We wander through the mall with no intention of buying anything and we see a CD or piece of clothing we must have. We know if we buy it, our lives will be cooler, sexier, or more meaningful. So we buy it. Man, that felt good. And it should. Scientific evidence has shown that shopping gives us a small high.

Fast forward a few weeks. That must have CD or shirt doesn’t seem very necessary anymore. In fact, you feel guilty for spending money on stuff you don’t need. Instead of being a fun experience, shopping has become a burden on your psyche.

Revitalize Your Shopping Life

How can you save money and make shopping a fun uplifting experience again? Practice tantric shopping. This idea is based off of the Indian practice of tantric sex. The purpose of tantra is to delay sexual pleasure in order to intensify it. You can do the same thing with your shopping.

If you see something that you think you absolutely must have, hold back from buying it. Put the item on your “I will buy this in one month list.” If after one month you still think buying the item would be worth it, then get it. The waiting time will make acquiring the item much more pleasurable.

In addition to making shopping more enjoyable, tantric shopping will save you money in two ways.

  1. Usually after a month you realize you don’t really need the item, so you don’t spend the money.
  2. After a month, most stuff goes on sell. If you do decide to make the purchase, you’ll be doing so at a reduced price.

Quit the American way of shopping and embrace the Eastern idea of tantra shopping. Your shopping life and bank account will thank you.

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The Hassle of Too Much “Stuff”

Written by Brett McKay

This is a classic George Carline routine about “stuff.” He makes pointed observations on how ridiculous our society’s quest for “stuff” is. “Stuff” just makes our lives more complicated and more stressful.

Take for example a PDA. You buy a PDA hoping it will make you more productive. However, you have to worry about the battery being fully charged, so you carry around a power adapter. That’s one more thing you have to lug around. What happens if you lose they stylus? So, you have to keep track of that, too. What happens if you lose or damage your PDA? Not only do you have to stress out about keeping tabs on a $300 piece of equipment, you also have to worry about losing the information that’s on it. Life’s so much easier and less stressful with pencil and paper. Plus, you spend less money.
Anyway, I’ll let George Carlin take it away now. (Warning: Adult language)

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