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Save Money by Living with the in-laws

Part of my plan to mitigate my law school debt is living with my in-laws. For many, this would be the equivalent of stabbing yourself in the eye repeatedly with a hot ice pick. For me, the experience has been surprisingly wonderful.

My in-laws are great people. They’re fun and super nice. Because they live in two story home, they gave the upstairs to us. There’s so many extra rooms up there, that my wife and I each have our own office to do work. Pretty nice.

Here’s a list of the perks of living with the in-laws.

  1. No rent. We’re saving about $500 a month
  2. No utilities. That’s probably saving us about $200
  3. Free cable and Internet. Savings: $75
  4. Free laundry.
  5. Big family dinners once a week.
  6. The in-laws take us out to eat every once in awhile.
  7. I can talk football with father-in-law
  8. My wife has someone to talk to when I’m gone all day at law school

It’s not like my in-laws aren’t getting anything out of this deal either. In return, my wife and I have taken on the chores my in-laws did not like to do. I mow the yard, rake the leaves, and take the recyclables to the recycling center. Mrs. FLS vacuums the house, makes dinner every once in a while, and does the dishes. Mother in law even said she’s going to miss us when we move out. We just might have to spend another year here.