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Frugal Tip: Pay attention to washing instructions

I like to help around the house. Mrs. Frugal Law Student is busy preparing history lectures, so I try to do things that will alleviate pressure on her to do housework. But, usually when I try to help, I just ruin things.

This morning I got up early and thought I would put a load of laundry in. When I was single, I never had clothing that required hand cleaning. I would just dump everything in the washing machine.

My wife, however, has several items of clothing that should not be machine washed. They all happen to be her favorite articles of clothing. Well, when I put the laundry in this morning, two of those non-machine wash pieces went in with the t-shirts.

Result? A very mad Mrs. Frugal Law Student. One blouse is all frayed and the other one is pilly. They’re pretty much ruined. I’m going to try to salvage the pilly shirt by following the instructions on this website. Mrs. Frugal Law Student gave me quite a tongue lashing on how if I really want to be frugal, I need to more careful about how I treat clothes. We’re probably going to have to go buy a new shirt for her. In the words of Mrs. FLS “That’s just money going down the paper shredder.”

Lesson learned: Being frugal not only means saving money on stuff you spend, it also means taking care of the stuff you have so you don’t have to replace it as often. Learn from my mistakes. Check the tags before you put something in the wash.