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Free Food at School

One of my favorite things about law school is the amount of free food floating around. When clubs have meetings they usually offer some type of food. Most times it’s pizza. However, sometimes clubs get fancy and have some really good stuff. For example, last week, one club had a taco buffet catered by some restaurant. All I have to do to get a free lunch is go the meeting. Not only do I save some money, I often get to hear some interesting guest speakers.

Even if I can’t make it to the meeting, there’s this table at our school designated for the leftover food. From this table I can usually come away with lunch and dinner without spending a dime.

I know. I sound like a bum. But if someone is going to offer free food, you would be stupid to turn it down. No shame!

Frugal Lesson: Attend club meetings. Not only can you learn some cool stuff, you get free food.