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Use Your law library

One of the least used resources at law school is the law library. I’m amazed at the stuff you can find in there, especially when it comes to supplements.

I’ve had many helpful 2L’s and 3L’s suggest which supplements I should buy to help me prepare for exams. The problem is that if I were to actually buy all the supplements they suggest, I would be out about $1,000. Several of my fellow 1L’s have actually gone out and bought all the hornbooks for their classes. Not frugal.

You can find all supplements at you law school library. Most of them tend to be in the library reserve. After every class, I’ll go the library and check out my favorite supplement. (Right now my favorites are Examples and Explanations and the Understanding Series by Lexis.) I’ll read the chapter on the section we just covered in class and answer any practice questions. Total cost: $0.

I plan on taking advantage of all the multiple choice practice question books that the library has on reserve while I start preparing for exams.

Lesson: Don’t buy supplements. They’re expensive and you can use them for free at your library