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5 Ways to Earn Westlaw Points

One of the perks that law school students have is unlimited Westlaw access. What makes it even better is that Westlaw rewards students who use their service with points. Students can use these points to purchase study supplements and Ipods. Free stuff! For example, Andrew at Legal Andrew traded in his Westlaw points for an espresso machine. You gotta love a free espresso machine. However, it seems many of my fellow 1Ls aren’t taking advantage of Westlaw’s offer. I think ignorance is what’s holding most of them back.

So, as an effort to combat this ignorance, here’s a list of how to quickly and easily earn Westlaw points:

1. Log on everyday- you earn 10 points just for doing that.

2. Sign out every time you’re on and answer Westlaw trivia- for every question you answer correctly, you earn 15 points.

3. Read EVERY e-mail that Westlaw sends- you can earn between 100-200 points just for doing that. Sometimes Westlaw includes a bonus trivia question in e-mail that is worth another 100 points.

4. Attend every training session your at your law school- you can earn 200 points for attending a fifty minute presentation. Not only do you get points, you actually brush up on research skills

5. Take advantage of special promotions- this past semester Westlaw has been conducting a 1L promotion called “Key to Your Future.” Westlaw reps handed out promotion codes that redeemed 25 points each. Students were eligible to submit different promotion codes 8 times.