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Free Law School MP3s

Over at Top Law Student, there’s a great post about downloading free podcasts from CALI Radio. He gives several links to podcasts dealing with preparing for final exams. (My favorite was tips for multiple choice questions.) Not only do these mp3s offer great advice, they’re free.

Additionally, if you’re interested in listening to Sum and Substance or Law School Legends as part of your exam preparation, don’t fork over $60 to buy them. Most law school libraries should have these disks on reserve. Check them out and rip them to your Mp3 player. I was kind of leery of doing so because of copyright infringement, but my librarian said it was cool. Again, great review at no cost.

If you’re pressed for time and want to speed up the pace of listening to your Mp3s, Lifehacker has a great post on how to speed up Mp3s using Audacity configured with my . It took me while getting things figured out with my Ipod, but I condensed an entire Civ Pro Lecture to half the original amount of time. What’s great about it is that the tone doesn’t change, so it doesn’t sound like you’re listening to a chipmunk.