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Can’t Catch a Break With Tires

Once again, my car has taken money away from me. When I got back from the gym yesterday morning, I noticed my driver side back tire was completely flat. I bent down to investigate the situation and discovered a couple of nails stuck in it.

Arrr!!! I took it to the tire place to get it repaired, but they tell me I need a brand new one. I couldn’t believe it. I just bought this tire a few months ago and I already need a new one. They had to order the tire because my car is weird and people don’t keep our tires in stock. I didn’t have time to argue with them because I had to be at a job interview in an hour and I was still in my gym clothes. I told them to leave the spare on and I would be back tomorrow for the spare.

Tires are a money pit. I’ve dropped $300 on tires this month alone. At least we had Christmas money to cover the cost. Why can’t I catch a break with tires?