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Extreme Frugal Tip: Onion Peel Notepaper

The other day my wife and I were cruising the produce section at our local grocery store. We had to buy some onions, so my wife had me pick them out. Some of the peel came off of one of the onions and fell to the floor. Not wanting to make a mess, I picked it up. As I was holding the peel in my hands, I noticed how paper like it felt. It feels kind of like papyrus. I busted out my pen and tried writing on it. The peel took the ink very nicely. It was just like writing on paper.

Onion peel notes are about as frugal as you can get. It’s the epitome of the “use it up” philosophy of frugalness. You have several paper like peels until you get to the inside, more wet part of the onion. Also, this works best with white onions. It’s hard to see with red or yellow ones. I’m not sure how practical this is, but if you’re ever chopping onions and need to write an idea down, just find one of the onion peels. It will be a good substitute until you can put your note in a more permanent location.