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New GTD Law School Productivity Forms

Last week I posted on how I GTD in law school. I included a link to a form that I have been been using. It worked well for me, but I wasn’t really satisfied with it. So yesterday I sat down and got to work on a new one. This is law school productivity sheet 2.0.


The new weekly agenda includes a daily goal tracker at the top of each day.


Each day I set a goal for four things. Contacts is a goal for the amount of new people I want to meet that day, either in person or online. The idea is to be constantly increasing my network. O stands for the number of outlines I want to review that day. F stands for how many sets of flashcards I want to review that day. Mp3 represents the number of times I want to listen to an Mp3 lecture that day. Of course I have to determine which subject and topic I want to listen for that day. Under the realized, I make a hash mark for the number of times I actually do the task. I like this method of goal setting. It’s ugly, but gets the job done. I might be fine tuning this in the future.

I’ve changed up my goal sheet. I still have sections for my semester goals as well as my GTD contexts. The thing that I like most is the monthly calendar in the bottom corner. It lets me keep track of due dates that are far off in the future, like my trial brief.


I’m pretty happy this upgrade. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be tweaking my daily goal tracking. I’m still not completely satisfied, but it will have to do for now.

Feel free to download and use these sheets. I hope they can help. I put them on the same sheet. One on one side of the sheet, the other on the other side. Enjoy.