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Want to improve your law school exam grades? Go here.

By now most law students have gotten their grades back. If you’re not happy with your grades and are trying to figure out how to do better next exams, head on over to Law Career Blog. Gregory Bowman, law professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, has done a post on how students can improve exam performance. He gives 8 tips on how students can improve their scores. My favorites included:

  • Know your audience, and remember the purpose of an exam. While law school grading is anonymous, it doesn’t mean it’s completely objective. Your professors are human beings. They have preferences. Find out during class what their style is and create an exam answer geared toward that style.
  • Take practice exams. Not just one. I can’t believe the number of students who think one practice exam is enough. Also, take the exam under test taking conditions. Law exams don’t just test what you know, they also test how efficiently you can present your answer.
  • Organize your answer. Don’t start right away answering an exam question. Read the prompt through, makes notes of issues, and then create and outline. Some might think it’s a waste of time, but the truth is you’ll save more time in the long run planning your answer out first.

Go check out the rest of Gregory’s post. In addition, to the tips he offers in this post, he has several links to past posts that he has done on law school exams that also have great advice.